Crystal Menu
<< A number of these links will be inactive until the user's school is registered with Crystal >>

The Crystal Key sites
Crystal launch / Start (a launch program) (*Key*)
Crystal Entry site (Initial Crystal entry from the WWW) (*Key*)
Crystal Services (A list of Crystal services) (*Key*)
Crystal Projects (Planning projects) (*Key*)
Crystal web site (Contractual processes) (*Key*)
Crystal Mobile (Crystal for mobile computing) (*Key*)
The Crystal Support sites
Crystal checklist (A school ICT checklist- only access through Crystal Wrangler)
Crystal Disk Images (Windows Distribution Server service)
Crystal Digital Hub (Community use of school bandwidth)
Crystal Demonstration (request a demonstration account)
Crystal Dude (Network monitoring)
Crystal Epic (Now retiring and being replaced by a N4L version and in the Launch menu)
Crystal FInventory (Windows inventory collection ) * restricted*
Crystal Help (Crystal help files - see below)
Crystal Identity (The secure identity management site)
Crystal Interface Article (Issue 61) Explores the Crystal environment in more detail)
Crystal Kaitiaki (Lost, stolen or abused devices)
Crystal News, feeds and updates (RSS)
Crystal Menu (This site)
Crystal Monitor (Remote InfoPOP service monitor)
Crystal Lite (SSO only service for large schools and businesses)
Crystal Promotions (Crystal in-house support)
Crystal SaaS (Software as a Service and Government policy)
Crystal SAN (Special ICT support for schools)
Crystal Services on EdSerf2 (Yet to be populated)
Crystal Shared Learning Centre (Technical Centre, Lodges, Sports teams etc)
Crystal SSO Services (How to make specific SSO services work)
Crystal Tools (Crystal toolset)
Crystal TOSIroam (Roaming wireless)
Crystal TradeIt (Crystal hardware online sales)
Crystal Video's (Video FAQ's that may help with any questions)
Crystal Weathermap (An operational map of Crystal services)
Crystal Welcome (The Crystal graphical welcome site)
Crystal Wireless support (Provision of school wireless systems)